Magazines and iPads: The Creative Process in Process

On March 7, 2011 the Donald J. Reynolds Journalism Institute hosted a day-long seminar titled iPads: The Creative Process in Process.

iPads and the clones that are hitting the market are a game changer for magazines - and the entire publishing industry. In the midst of this digital upheaval, iPads: The Creative Process In Process brought together editors, designers, tech and visual thinkers for a day-long conference that explores how to adapt and generate original content for this ground-breaking device.

Speakers included: National Geographic executive editor/e-publishing, David Griffin; panelists Gary Hoenig, ESPNPublishing general manager/editorial director, editor in chief, Rob King, and ESPN senior writer Wright Thompson; design director Wyatt Mitchell of Wired magazine, Mike Haney, deputy director, research & development, who oversees iPad for Popular Science and other Bonnier titles; Better Homes & Gardens executive editor Kitty Morgan, creative director Michael Belknap and Joe McCambley founding partner of Wonderfactory, Meredith's consulting firm for Better Homes; Matt Bean, associate vice president of mobile, social, and emerging media for Rodale's Men's Health and Women's Health magazines; plus Regina McCombs, online and multimedia expert, the Poynter Institute and Roger Fidler, digital publishing expert at the Reynolds Journalism Institute


• The National Geo Empire Goes Digital

• ESPN: Touch Changes Everything

• Wired: Full Speed Ahead

• In the Trenches with Popular Science
and Mag+

• Better Homes & Gardens: Testing
the iPad Waters

A full listing of the events, bios of the speakers, an archive of on-site blogging that day, and video of each session are available at the Reynolds Journalism Institute website.

AN UPDATE: Since the planning of this seminar, Speaker David Griffin has been named Visuals Editor of The Washington Post.

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