Science and Creativity

Science journalist Marcia Bartusiak and Harvard physicist Lisa Randall explore the creativity involved in scientific research and writing about science at Cambridge Forum. The free program, titled Criticizing Creativity, takes place at The First Parish (Unitarian Universalist) 3 Church Street, Cambridge, MA (Harvard Square) at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 7, 2010.

"Creativity is a trait commonly associated with artists --writers, painters, or composers. But other professions require creativity as well; think of the doctor coming up with a diagnosis, the teacher creating a new lesson plan, or the scientist confronted with aberrations in data. How is the creative spark that informs a scientific investigation the same as the inspiration that generates a work of art or literature? How is it different? What can we learn about the nature of creativity when we examine the ways in which it is used outside of the arts?

MIT’s Marcia Bartusiask and Harvard’s Lisa Randall each have experience in scientific research and in the arts. They bring this dual perspective to the discussion led by Dr. Sasha Helper."

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